Ashford Chroming - Introduction

They say you can't change the past. We say, you can bring it back...

Ashford Chroming is a chrome restoration shop used by thousands of enthusiasts, hobbyists, DIYer's, restorers and collectors worldwide, who have a love for bringing old, classic and even vintage items back to life.


Motorcycles, cars, bikes, boats, household items, faucet taps, kitchen door handles, fire places, radiators, Ashford Chroming have restored the lot.


For Motorcycle, Classic and Vintage Car Lovers, Boat Restorers, Collectors and Home Renovators...

If you want to restore your chrome parts using the very highest standards of workmanship in a fast, safe reliable way without all of the problems typically encountered with restoration shops, Ashford Chroming is what you're looking for.


Why choose Ashford Chroming:

  • Dedicated to restoration work. We handle thousands of jobs a year and probably 10,000's of parts.
  • Highly skilled craftsmen.
  • A constantly evolving process to improve both our quality, our turn-around and our customer service.
  • 24/7 Dedicated support, we have an entire office and offsite support team to make sure your needs are met.
  • UK Nationwide, International door to door service.

Try the difference, we hope you will like it.








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