What happens after I book my parts in

After you accept our estimate and confirm your booking, we will need to on-board your parts to our depot.


What you will need to do:


  1. Box your parts and items ready for dispatch.
  2. Print and enclose a copy of our estimate.
  3. Enclose your contact details, billing address, return address and a contact phone.
  4. Ensure your parts are insured
  5. Mark all parcels with our shipping address

We have a before sending checklist:


How to get your parts to us:

  • Post them to us using Royal Mail our contact details are here
  • Use a freight courier
  • Take advantage of our collection service


Priority Fast Track Service:

If you are using our priority fast track service please ensure that all parcels are clearly marked in bold letters 'FAST TRACK SERVICE'


When your parts arrive at our depot 

Once we receive your parts, they will be carefully unpacked by our unpacking team. This stage may take a little longer than would be expected. Each parcel must be carefully unpacked and each part, component photographed and logged onto our system.


You will receive one email to confirm that your parts have been received.


Your parts will now be inspected by one of our workshop team. They will liaise with the estimator who priced your job and confirm that everything is in order. This is a vital stage as any issues in finish, or cost may be raised.


You will receive a second email that confirms our cost, finish and turn-around of your parts. You are required to confirm that you would us like to proceed, or decline our offer.


Your parts will now begin their journey at our factory and the restoration, finishing process begins.



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