Do you guarantee your results

All of our work carries a one year guarantee, but the results we achieve can not be guaranteed.

In metal restoration their is a saying 'poor metal in, poor results out'. That said we have very skilled craftsmen trained in the very best techniques to maximise the quality of our results. A bad craftsmen working in poor conditions, with poor chemicals, tooling and training can destroy a really good part, where as a skilled craftsmen, with good chemicals, tooling and training can take a bad part and work a miracle.

No quibble return policy:

From time to time a customer may not be satisfied that our workmanship is up to our high standards. Every part is carefully checked by our team as it processes through our plant, we try very hard to make sure anything that does not meet our standard is pulled, and re-done. But from time to time a human error can happen.

We have a no-quibble return policy so if you are unhappy with the finish and we believe their is a chance we can re-run the part and improve on our initial result, or correct an imperfection then we will re-run the part free of charge.  


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