How do I get my parts priced

There are three ways you can get your parts priced.


  • Send us an email
  • Bring the parts in, by appointment
  • Send the parts in to us


By email

Take a photo of the parts you want restored, send an email telling us about the parts and the service that you require. We will send an estimate the same day to complete the work with a turn-around time.

Please read our article on sending photos for pricing:


By appointment

Make an appointment to come in with your parts and we can price them with you, if you choose to accept our offer, you can leave your parts.


Sending in parts for pricing

You can send your parts to us, we will then price the parts and send an email with our estimate, if you decline our offer we will return the parts.

If you send your parts make sure you enclose your full contact details, phone number and address, as well as details of what service you require.


You will find our contact here:


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