Sending in your parts - A checklist

Update 1/6/2015
We require a parts booking form to be completed and sent to us with all orders to help speed up and improve our on-boarding process. Our sales team will send a copy but you can down load your own version using the link below:
If you have had an estimate and would like to proceed, here is a checklist to help you get your parts to us safely and quickly:
  1. Protect and box up your parts. Make sure small parts are placed in a small bag and easily found in your packing. 
  2. Enclose a copy of our email estimate
  3. Enclose your full contact details including name, address and a contact phone
  4. Dismantle all your parts before sending them in. Unless we have agreed/estimated to dismantle them for you.
  5. Enclose a list of what is packed, with a TOTAL of parts packed including all small items. IMPORTANT. The packing list is used by our un-packers to locate all your parts in the box, anything not listed is at risk to being lost.
  6. Enclose any special instructions for our workshops
  7. Send the items to our shipping address
  8. Priority service orders must have the words PRIORITY SERVICE marked clearly on the front of the parcel. Failing to do so will delay your service.
  9. Allow up-to 48 hrs from the expected arrival time for our un-packers to unpack, log and confirm the receipt of your parcel and items.



Please ensure you enclose a packing list. The packing list is deemed the confirmation of what you have sent. Any items that are lost that are not on a packing list are not covered.

Update 1/6/2015 - Please see a downloadable form that you can send below


We can collect your parts

If you want us to arrange a collection for your parts, please read the article below:

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