About our tap refurbishing rechroming service


Most taps are made from brass and are plated for easy care and cleaning, in either chrome, nickel or gold. Some are left in brass and are polished.

We can change the color of your taps to suit your decor, fix damaged taps from cleaning agents and scouring and refurbish leaky, damaged or even broken taps.

When we refurbish old taps generally, they are better than the cheaper new ones you can buy in the shops.


We deal with all-sorts of plumbing and tap fittings such as:

  • Basin taps
  • Bath taps
  • kitchen taps
  • Antique and vintage taps
  • Garden taps
  • Shower heads, parts and taps

We can:

  • Strip the finish back to brass
  • Remove pitting, rust marks and scratches
  • Re-finish in Gold, Nickel, Brass, or Chrome
  • Change the appearance to suit your decor
  • Fix and repair leaky, faulty or broken taps


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