Do you offer a chrome stripping, de-chroming service

Yes we do.


We offer two options for stripping your parts: 

  • reverse electroplating (chemical stripping)
  • shot-blasting (sand blasting)

Which process we recommend to use depends on what is being done with the part after it has been stripped.


The first is where we submerge the item into a tank of chemicals and reverse electroplate (strip) it. This is the process we use for all parts that are going to be re-chromed, re-plated in say nickel, gold or copper, or polished. This process is not abrasive, it leaves the part clean and ready for polishing so we can get that superior mirror finish.


The second is shot or bead blasting. This is where the part is abrasively stripped by firing small metal shot, or plastic beads (depending on the part) using a high pressure gun. This gives the part an abrasive etching which is perfect for accepting powder coat since am etched service will bond the pain much better.

Learn more about blast-cleaning (shot and bead), we have an article below:


We offer both processes. If you would like an estimate for getting your parts stripped, contact sales.

This service is included in all our chroming, gold, nickel, copper plating services as well as our powder-coating service.




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