About our headlamp re-silvering service

Ashford Chroming can re-silver, re-chrome and restore your headlamp reflectors for most motorcycles and classic cars to current UK MOT Standards.

Re-chroming your headlamp reflectors is often cheaper than buying new replacement units or in most cases is the only solution, where new one's are not readily available.

We can offer a headlamp reflector reconditioning service for the following for all types of automotive and motorcycle lamps:

  • Classic, Vintage, European, US reflectors
  • Lucas & Bosch units
  • 2", 4",6", 8" and larger
  • Rectangle or round
  • Twin or single units
  • Metal reflectors only
  • Stepped Forks

We can:

  • Strip the current silver, reflective coating
  • Remove pitting and rust
  • Improve the appearance
  • Restore beam to current UK MOT standards


Dismantling your reflectors

Sadly, we don't undertake the dismantling of units. In order for us to restore the reflector you will need to remove it completely from it's housing, and remove the lens cover (see below).


Removing glued lens covers:

We have an article that advises how you can safely remove your sealed lens cover from the reflector, light housing. 



If you would like an estimate to re-silver, re-chrome, restore your reflectors, follow link below:






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