Can you restore, rechrome bathroom towel rails and radiator parts

We do a lot of towel rails, bathroom radiator parts


Our service will:

  • Strip off the existing finish
  • Remove rust and or pitting
  • Improve the appearance, as good as new
  • Re-finish to match your decor


  • Chrome
  • Nickel
  • Gold, Incalux or Rose
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze


Our chroming process is restricted by size since we use acid vat tanks to submerge the parts and apply the various electroplate; copper, nickel and then chrome.

We have a chart that will help you calculate if your parts will fit, see link below, but generally most bathroom parts will fit.


Don't forget that most towel rail and radiators disassemble.  It's a good idea to do this first, then measure each part H x W x D (mm) and see if it will fit.


Here is our size chart - let's hope size does not matter!

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