Can you send in-progress photo's of my part being restored


We process thousands of parts. The work-shops are run under strict health and safety regulations and for us to have office staff with camera's processing photo's as a part moves through our factory would be like turning our restoration business into reality TV. Nice idea.

We try very hard to give a first class service and provide first class results, adding photo's to the work-load would just make our service commercially non-viable.

That is not to say that in some cases, when a part has a problem or their has been a delay for some reason; we don't send photo's. We do. But it's on an occasion not all the time.

We do completely understand it's great to see your part going through the process.

We have been toying with the idea of making it a chargeable add on, so that for those customers who want a photo at each stage, we can provide the service. As of yet, we have not come up with a plan to allow that to safely, realistically happen.









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