Are your estimated rechroming prices final

We estimate most of the work we do by email and a photo. When we do this we estimate as best we can based on what we see.

Once the parts arrive with us they are inspected by one of our technicians who will confirm our estimation. We do this for a number of reasons:

  1. Ensure we can restore the parts as proposed
  2. Ensure we can achieve the result we think is required
  3. Make sure the part requires no repairs in order for us to restore it
  4. Ensure the estimate we gave and the time we internally estimated for the part will achieve all of the above


If when we inspect the part we see a change in what we originally estimated we notify you. At this stage you have the right to refuse the change if any and we will return the part. 


Other-wise we ask you to agree the change and we proceed.


We don't start any work until we have confirmed everything and we know you are happy.


We hope that is fair.



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