About our pricing policy

We estimate prices on an individual job basis. No two used parts tend to be the same and of course when they are; we price the same.
That said, the more parts a job has the more cost effective our pricing will seem, and here is the reason why.
Before we chrome your parts a lot happens in our operation to ensure your items are costed, shipped and arrive safely at our factory. Every part is logged and photographed and our customers expect a lot of feed back. It is not unusual for a job to create as many as thirty emails; all of this is per job, not per part. As such we have to ensure our service is viable as a business, and still cost effective, 
We often find customers can be taken back at the cost of "chrome dipping" a small part. If you take a look at the article below what seems like a simple dip, is far from the truth:
As you can see getting that chrome finish takes an awful lot of work when faced with a used part, that can be damaged, dented of even rusty.
We restore thousands of parts a month and ensuring your goes in one end and comes out the other involves a lot of man power.  Sadly this makes it an expensive solution to some, but a worthwhile one to many who demand high standards and don't want precious parts lost of damaged.
Over the years our customers have demanded we take what was once was just a workshop operation and honed it into a highly professional enterprise giving thousands of customers support and services all most 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 
We hope like many of our customers you will appreciate what goes in to chrome restoration and the hard work all our staff give to ensure we meet your expectations both in service and quality of workmanship.


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