Procedure for Lost Parts

This document outlines our internal policy for lost parts. This procedure does not change or affect in any way our standard terms and conditions of trading.

1. Customer must notify us in writing and supply copies of any packing lists or photos of the part(s) 

2. AC will instigate an internal timed investigation, this is usually 7 days. The results of that investigation will determine if the part(s) are found or we, our insurers or our couriers issue an offer.

3.  AC will keep the customer informed as to the results of the investigation and will try resolve the issue within the timed schedule.


What the investigation does:

1. Locate all paperwork, packing list sent with items, customers photo's and our own photo's taken when parts arrive.

2. Check that missing parts are documented on packing list.

4. Determine if parts are lost in our workshops

5. Determine if parts could of been return in error to wrong customer.

6. Check our store rooms and packing rooms for parts.

7. Check with workshop team and person(s) who carried out works

8. Check strip, copper, nickel, chrome tanks - this is a large procedure: small parts can full to the bottom of tanks and can only be recovered if the tank is drained.

If our investigation fails:

We will endeavor to resolve the issue by way of a financial offer, if we deem this appropriate based on our investigation. This will be in accordance with our terms and conditions and will be on a case by case basis. 




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