Procedure for damaged items

This document outlines our internal policy for damaged parts. This procedure does not change or affect in any way our standard terms and conditions of trading.

1. Customer must notify us in writing and supply copies of any packing lists or photos of the part(s) and condition/damage.

2. AC will instigate an internal timed investigation, this is usually 7 days. The results of that investigation will determine if and how the parts were damaged

3.  AC will keep the customer informed as to the results of the investigation and will try resolve the issue within the timed schedule.


What the investigation does:

1. Locate all paperwork, packing list sent with items, customers photo's and our own photo's taken when parts arrive.

2. Determine if the parts were damaged in transport - and what was the standard cover usually £50.00.

3. If the parts were damaged whilst at our workshops who carried out the work, why was the damage not reported and was the damage avoidable.


What happens next:

If we determine that the damage occurred during one of our workshop processes we determine if we can rectify the work by shipping the part back to us. Otherwise in accordance with our standard terms and conditions we make an internal claim and offer to the customer.


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