Chrome stripping alloy wheels

There are two different ways to remove chrome from wheels.


Chemical stripping (de-chroming)

We can chemically strip the alloy wheels, which some people may suggest, but there are two issues here. The first being that chrome is very difficult to remove and the chemical process often leaves patchy areas where the chrome has not removed and further submission into acid can cause other issues. Chemically stripping alloys is usually done to achieve a smooth uniform finish which is then ideal for either mirror polishing to leave as a final finish, or as a preparation for plating with chrome.



This is done when the wheels are going to be painted or powder coated. Shot-blasting creates the perfect finish for the paint to adhere to creating a uniform consistent finish, providing an etch to grab to.

If we were to try and powder coat a chemically stripped wheel, the paint would not grip properly and the finish would be unacceptable.

In order to protect the soft alloy underneath we use a low grade grit on a low speed pressure, and we do this repeated times to gradually peel away the chrome without damaging the alloy underneath.


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